ONRUSH is a new breed of high-impact, adrenaline fuelled off-road arcade racing! It’s about speed, takedowns and teamwork with high-tempo thrills that focus on fun, excitement and the spectacular.


Takedowns are core to ONRUSH. Speed off cliff edges and traverse huge ramps flying hundreds of feet through the bold, bright sky. Land with immense force crushing any opposing team vehicles unfortunate enough to be below.

Screenshot of a Takedown
Screenshot of a Rush


Boosting at breakneck speed only gets you so far. To really gain an unworldly edge, unleash the invulnerable, euphoric blast of speed and power RUSH! Completely unique to each vehicle in both look and ability, this is like nothing seen in any racing game before.

Screenshot of a Rush

The Stampede

The Stampede System makes sure you are always in the action. Racing is at its most exciting when you’re wheel to wheel right in the ‘thick of it’ and ONRUSH does just that. Never have a race ruined by spinning out or losing the pack. In ONRUSH you respawn right back into the mix ready to make an impact and perform the next most amazing takedown.

Screenshot of the stampede

Game Modes

Overdrive Icon


Overdrive mode is a pure ‘Boost to Win’ onslaught until the very end. Get boost any way you can as quickly as possible and burn it up even quicker.

Switch Icon


Survive as long as you can hunting down your opponents. you’ll get increasingly stronger vehicles, but so will they, be smart and work together to win.

Countdown Icon


Countdown is a race through gates against a decreasing clock. Hitting the gates will add precious seconds to your teams time, keeping you in the game.

Lockdown Icon


Lockdown is race to fight for control of a moving zone in a 100mph King of the Hill free for all. Get in the zone and fight for survival.


There’s no holding back as you attempt to take on more treacherous routes to find the perfect vantage point. Risk equals Reward so take on the track and seek out the multitude of perilous but exciting routes through each environment.